Museo de los Ferrocarriles de Yucatan
Calle 43 por
46 y 50
Merida, Yucatan










Restoration Projects

Cosmetic restoration courtesy of MPI Noreste, at San Luis Potosi  (Now General Electric Transportation Systems), this very rare off-center cab, built by GE is sporting the bright colors of the old FUS (Ferrocarriles Unidos del Sureste).  
Pet project of the Museum is the full restoration of UdeY 350, a 4-4-0 locomotive built by Baldwin in 1912. This shows the moment when the boiler was separated from the frame for further work.  
This F7 unit is SBC 2201 acquired by the Museum and initially repaired for its long trip by Gimco Chihuahua (Now GETS). Will install window glasses, sandblast & paint whenever we can raise the necessary funds.  
Caboose built in Brazil by Mafersa. The exterior was fully restored and restenciled to its original number (FUS 006084). Now working on interior restoration which will serve four purposes: library & archives; sleeping quarters for visitors; office space & HO layout.  
This tank car, salvaged from the torch at the Campeche shops, only needs lettering and number - we are still searching for photo evidence on the correct numbers. The car has an operating motor and can be used to dispense water in case of emergencies.  
Next on line for a repair job is this ex-D&H C-628 #610. Initial exploration on the original color scheme has been conducted.